Eyelash Lift & Tint


Also known as lash perms, a lash lift helps to open up the eye area and when paired with tint, there will
be no need for mascara or an eyelash curler. This is a great option for people that have sensitivities and
are unable to enjoy lash extensions, or can be paired with lash extensions for people that have
downward facing lashes and want to get the most effect from their lash extension application.


What Is It?

A lash lift is really a perm for your lashes- perming them into a curled realistic position. The result will
be more of a natural look and gives the most effect on downward facing or straight lashes.


How Does It Work?

The lift process is performed while you are lying down on a spa bed with your eyes closed. A silicone shield is
applied to the closed eye lid, the lashes are combed up over the shield and the various eye safe
solutions are applied. A lash lift should last 6 weeks depending on aftercare and lifestyle. It is not
recommended to use waterproof mascara or makeup remover as it can weaken the effect of the lift.


Lash lifts are most complimentary when paired with a semi-permanent tint to darken the lashes or semi-
permanent mascara. A tint gives the lashes more of a defined, separated look while semi-permanent
mascara is a tar like substance which gives more of a mascara look.


What YOU Need To Do

The entire process including tinting would take approx. 1 hour. Please come to your appointment
completely eye make up free, and please ensure that you have not used any oil based products such as
creams and foundations on or around your eyes and lashes.
Aftercare is very similar to that of lash extensions. It is recommended, to get the most out of your
investment :
- to avoid excessive heat (sauna, hot shower..etc.)
-always use gentle, non oil based makeup remover and cleansers.
-no waterproof mascara and or eye liner.