Eyes and Brows


Henna Tint: $20

Henna Tint & Shape: $25

What is Henna Brow tint? 

Henna Brow tint is exactly like a regular Brow tint - ONLY BETTER! No chemicals are used in this procedure and it typically lasts about 2 weeks longer than a regular Brow tint.  You've heard of Mehndi, yes?  Think beautiful Hand Art derived from Ancient India.  Henna is actually good for your hair and can stimulate growth!

Using the same dye from the same tree leaves, we can get gorgeous, customized colours that are Natural AND Long Lasting! The best part? Since it dyes your skin too, you really do get that polished, powder brow fill for approximately 2 weeks - with NO PAIN ASSOCIATED with the procedure!

What can you expect? 

Your Henna Brow appointment will take approximately 30 minutes. Using all of the perfected Brow Mapping skills I have learned through my training, I’ll map out your brows before mixing your custom colour. Since Henna is like hair dye, it can take a few trial and errors to get your perfect shade. Every hair and skin type is different and reacts differently to dye (just like your head hair) so a "one dye/colour suits all" approach won't work here.  


How many treatments are required?

That’s entirely up to you! Some people use this service every 4 weeks. Some people use how I shape their brows with Henna as a guide to learn how to fill their own brows in if like really like a full rich dark brow.


How long will the results last? 

No one person is like the next! So many things can alter how long your results last such as; 

  • oily vs. dry skin 

  • excess exfoliating/face washing 

  • washing your brows within the first 24hrs 

  • how many hairs you have present at the time of the procedure  

In a perfect world where everything is how it should be, you can expect Henna Brows to last 2 weeks on the skin and 4 weeks on the hairs.  


Is Henna Tint right for me? 

There are very few circumstances where this may not be the best for you. Most of them are either allergies or skin disorders that are present in the brow area. If you have any questions with specific conditions that you have, we can discuss.